Girls Swimming Underwater


Swimming and Flotation Therapy

Your child can benefit from the many virtues of swimming and floatation therapy on a physical, cognitive and emotional level. 

Here are some of them:

  • They develop strength;

  • They improve coordination and balance;

  • They stimulate the cardiovascular system as well as the digestive, hormonal and immune systems to fight pain and discomfort caused by gas, bloating, colic and constipation;

  • They strengthen communication skills;

  • They develop positive self-esteem;

  • They increase learning skills and their level of understanding (through repeated spoken commands).

Give your child the opportunity to move around freely and to enjoy all the benefits that come with moving around in the water!

Flotation Single
 30 mins
Promo: $ 22+tax  (3 max/child)
$ 35+tax
Flotation Playdate
(2-5 babies)
 30 mins
$ 25+tax/baby
Flotation 5 Package
 30 mins
$ 150+tax
Private Swimming Lesson
 30 mins
$ 40+tax
Swimming 10 Package
 30 mins
$ 350+tax
WowSwim Membership
 30 mins
4 flotation or 4 swim lessons + WowPlay
$ 160+tax
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