Class Information

Imaginative Play

2m-24m and 2yrs-4yrs 

Let your kids imagination run free as they enjoy our play area. From our play café where they can explore their cooking and barista skills, to a vet clinic, a whimsical tree slide, eco-friendly play mats and so much more ! All our toys are BPA free, not battery operated, and disinfected in between each group. Let your kids be kids again !

Kids from 2-24 months must be accompanied by parents during playtime.

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Little Chefs


Make room in your kitchens for the new little chefs in your life ! This class aims to foster a love for cooking at an early age as children explore their very own culinary skills, from peeling, to cutting, to measuring, pouring and decorating and then eating their own little creations ! Children will also learn the five food groups and the importance of each one – what a fun way to learn about nutrition and health !


Mini Einstein


Promote curiosity in your little ones from a young age ! From colour mixing, to baking soda volcano explosions, to magical rainbow coloured flowers, your children will sure enjoy watching their mini projects come to life ! After all, if you foster a love for science early on, they might surprise you with their own little inventions later on !

Music & Movement with Lilly 


Parents are welcome to this interactive program focused on developing and strengthening gross motor skills through music, instruments, song, and play ! Meet and spend time with other parents while your child enjoys new friendships. Learn, bond, and have fun with your child through songs, stories, and circle time. What a terrific beginning to your child’s education !

Simple Math


Help your children develop early math skills though play ! Whether it is through counting steps, singing songs or adding and subtracting their toys, your little ones will learn their numerals, build an understanding of size, shape and quantities as well as learn to match numbers with sets of objects. It’s time to make math fun again!

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Story Time


Each class the children will read a different picture book and start building a love for reading and literature. Let their imagination run wild as they read some of the classics Little Red Ridding Hood, Peter the Rabbit, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and so many more ! Promote the children’s critical thinking as they get to analyse the characters in the stories and even re-enact some of the scenes from their favorite books !

Tunes with Tots

6m-24m and 2yrs-4yrs

Come join us for a fun interactive program where children get to sing along to popular kids songs as well as explore a variety of music instruments and even show off their dance moves !

Parents are welcomed to join for our 6-24 month old class.

Tumble Mania


From jumping, to rolling, to skipping your little ones will sure enjoy this class where they get to not only have fun but also develop eye-hand coordination and blow off some energy ! Through guided activities and mini obstacle courses your little ones will develop motor skills all while socializing and learning important concepts such as sharing and waiting their turn. 

Wow Arts


Learning their colours, color mixing, shapes, textures and fun arts and crafts projects are on the agenda for this class ! Each week a different theme or artist will be presented– expect lots of beautiful masterpieces to be added to your wall collection !

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Foster a love of dance and music through this fun Zumba class. Children will follow simple choreography to improve their balance, coordination and general motor skills, all while having fun and moving to the Latin beat !